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2021Y Nagia, H Sender, M Orcutt, F Fouad, R A Burgess,
D Devakumar
Resilience as a communal concept: Understanding adolescent resilience in the context of the Syrian refugee crisis in Bar Elias, LebanonJournal of Migration and Health Volume 3, 2021, 100046
2021F M Fouad, S J McCall, H Ayoub, L J Abu-Raddad, G R Mumtaz
Vulnerability of Syrian refugees in Lebanon to COVID-19: quantitative insightsConflict and Health volume 15, Article number: 13 (2021)
2021D Nabulsi, M Abou Saad, H Ismail, M AA Doumit, F El-Jamil, L Kobeissi, F M FouadMinimum initial service package (MISP) for sexual and reproductive health for women in a displacement setting: a narrative review on the Syrian refugee crisis in LebanonReproductive Health
volume 18, Article number: 58 (2021)
2021D Rayes, C Karnouk, D Churbaji, L Walther, M BajboujFaith-Based Coping Among Arabic-Speaking Refugees Seeking Mental Health Services in Berlin, Germany: An Exploratory Qualitative StudyFront. Psychiatry, 01 February 2021
2021V Yarwood, M Gunst, C Yen-Ting Chen, K Jarman, S Rokadiya, M Isreb, A AbbaraA retrospective review of specialist referrals for refugees into Greece’s health system: A humanitarian organization’s perspectiveAvicenna Journal of Medicine 2021 Apr-Jun; 11(2): 84–92.
2021N Almhawish, N Karah, Y Elferruh, A Aksh, A AbbaraProtecting healthcare workers in conflict zones during the COVID-19 pandemic: Northwest SyriaJournal of Infection (J Infect. 2021 May; 82(5): 186–230.)
2021A Abbara, A EkzayezHealthcare leadership in Syria during armed conflict and the pandemicBMJ Global Health (May 2021)
2021A Abbara, O Zakieh, D Rayes, S M.Collin, N Almhawish, R Sullivan, I Aladhan, M Tarnas, M Whalen-Browne, M Omar, A Tarakji, N KarahWeaponizing water as an instrument of war in Syria: impact on diarrhoeal disease in Idlib and Aleppo governorates, 2011-2019International Journal of Infectious Diseases (May 2021)
2021K Meagher, A Abbara, O Fahham, P PatelWomen Leaders in Syria in the COVID-19 Response and BeyondInternational Perspectives in Psychology Vol. 10, No. 2
2021D Rayes, L Meiqari, R Yamout, A Abbara, I Nuwayhid, S Jabbour, M Abouzeid Policies on return and reintegration of displaced healthcare workers towards rebuilding conflict-affected health systems: a review for The Lancet-AUB Commission on Syria
Conflict and Health volume 15, Article number: 36 (2021)
2021M Knipper, A C Sedas, S Keshavjee, A Abbara, N Almhawish, H Alashai, L Lecca, M Wilson, A Zumla, I Abubakar, M OrcuttaThe need for protecting and enhancing TB health policies and services for forcibly displaced and migrant populations during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
International Journal of Infectious Diseases. March 2021
2021MC Tarnas, AN Desai, B Lassmann, A Abbara
Increase in vector-borne disease reporting affecting humans and animals in Syria and neighboring countries after the onset of conflict: A ProMED analysis 2003–2018International Journal of Infectious Diseases
2020U Moqeem, O Mukhtar, A Abbara, S Jabbour, M AbouzeidExperiences of healthcare workers displaced by conflict: lessons from past conflicts and implicationsEuropean Journal of Public Health 30 (Supplement_5), ckaa165. 308
2020MC Tarnas, AN Desai, B Lassmann, A AbbaraIncrease in Vector-Borne Disease Reporting Affecting Humans and Animals in Syria and Neighboring Countries Before and After the Onset of Conflict: A ProMED Analysis 2003-2018.International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
2020A Abbara, A Ekzayez, A Tarakji, M Khalil, R SullivanSanctions on SyriaThe Lancet Global Health 8 (11), e1369
2020A García-Mingo, A Abbara, RB RoyYou said the hospital can't be bombedThe Lancet Child & Adolescent Health 4 (11), 804-805
2020Abbara A, Rayes, Fahham O, Hiraki O, Khalil M, Alomar A, Tarakji A. Coronavirus 2019 and health systems affected by protracted conflict: The case of Syria.
2020Abbara A, Rayes D, Khalil M, Kewara M, Tarakji A.Humanitarian catastrophe for civilians in northwest Syria.British Medical Journal. Vol 368. 1756-1833
2019Abbara A, Almalla M, AlMasri I, AlKabbani H, Karah N, El-Amin W, Rajan L, Rahhal I, Alabbas M, Sahloul Z, Tarakji A, Sparrow AThe challenges of tuberculosis control in protracted conflict: the case of SyriaInternational Journal of Infectious Diseases, ISSN: 1201-9712
2019Abbara A, Rayes D, Omar M, et al.Overcoming obstacles along the pathway of integrating Syrian healthcare professionals in GermanyBMJ Global Health
2019Orcutt M, Rayes D, Tarakji A, Katoub M, Spiegel P, Rubenstein L, Jabbour S, Alkhalil M, Alabbas M,Abbara AInternational failure in northwest Syria: humanitarian health catastrophe demands actionLancet, Vol:394, ISSN:0140-6736, Pages:100-103
2019Gunst M, Jarman K, Yarwood V, Rokadiya S, Capsaskis L, Orcutt M, Abbara, AHealthcare access for refugees in Greece: Challenges and opportunitiesHealth Policy. 14thJune 2019
2018F Ghaddar, M Jawwad, R Abdel Khalik, M Abou Zeid, A Sabouni, H AlNahhasViolations of international humanitarian law in Syria: A 7-year analysisEuropean Journal of Public Health
2018F Ghaddar, M Jawad, M Abouzeid, N Fardousi, H Alnahhas, J Leaning, S JabbourViolations of international humanitarian law in Syria: A 7-year analysis, a review of international efforts, and a call for actionAPHA's 2018 Annual Meeting & Expo (Nov. 10-Nov. 14)
2018Abbara A,Rawson T, Karah N, El-Amin W, Hatcher J, Tajaldin B, Dar O, Dewachi O, Sub Sitta G, Eric Uhlin B, Sparrow AAntimicrobial resistance in the context of the Syrian conflict: a summary and appraisal of existing evidenceInternational Journal of Infectious Diseases June 2018
2018Abbara A, Rawson T, Karah N, El-Amin W, Hatcher J, Tajaldin B, Dar O, Dewachi O, Sub Sitta G, Eric Uhlin B, Sparrow A.Antimicrobial resistance in the context: drivers before and after the onset of conflict and key recommendationsInternational Journal of Infectious Diseases May 2018
2017M Hariri, M Hani, H Al-Nahhas, A Al-Kassem, TB EricksonWar-related injuries and surgical procedures in SyriaAnnals of Global Health
2017P R Chai, E W Boyer, H Al-Nahhas, T B EricksonToxic chemical weapons of assassination and warfare: nerve agents VX and sarinToxicology Communications Volume 1, 2017 - Issue 1
2017Fouad M F, Sparrow A, Tarakji A, Alameddine M, El-Jardali F, Coutts A P, Arnaout N, Bou Karroum L, Jawad M, Roborgh S, Abbara A, Alhalabi F, AlMasri I, Jabbour S Health workers and the weaponisation of health care in Syria: a preliminary inquiry for The Lancet–American University of Beirut Commission on SyriaThe Lancet
2017Coutts A P, Abbara A, Fouad M. F et al
Researching the Syrian tragedy: The need for evidence and moral reflexivity
Lancet Global Health.
2016H Mowafi, M Hariri, H Alnahhas, E Ludwig, T Allodami, B Mahameed, J Kaby Koly, A Aldbis, M Saqqur, B Zhang, A Al-KassemResults of a nationwide capacity survey of hospitals providing trauma care in war-affected SyriaJAMA Surgery
2016I Sharif, A Abbara,SM Collin, M Orcutt, A Coutts, W Maziak, Z Sahloul, O Dar, T Corrah, F Fouad.Communicable disease surveillance and control in the context of conflict and mass displacement in SyriaInternational Journal of Infectious Diseases. May 2016
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