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The Syria Public Health Network was established in early 2015 in response to calls for an independent and critical assessment of the humanitarian and health response to the conflict, from colleagues working in Syria and the wider region. The aim is to create an independent space for discussion, analysis and policy generation for the types of health strategies and interventions which are effective in the context of the Syria crisis. Our work has included closed meetings, events, projects and consultancies relating to the Syrian healthcare workforce, Syria’s health system as well as key health issues including mental health, non-communicable diseases and communicable diseases.

Through 2021, we plan to expand our vision of creating and supporting a network of Syrian public health professionals in Syria and internationally.

What We Do

We aim to provide a space for dialogue, advocacy and analysis on issues important to the health of Syrians including current as well as future public health trends that have arisen from the Syrian crisis. We do this through i. Convening and curating closed meetings with representatives from donor agencies, United Nations and those working-on-the ground to address the challenges they face and possible policy responses ii. Hosting open meetings to highlight key health issues and humanitarian response issues iii. Producing and disseminating policy briefs, academic outputs and media editorials.


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