SPHN and R4HSSS were pleased to have hosted this workshop on ‘Mental Health in the Syrian Conflict: Substance misuse and Suicide among Syrians’ on 13th April 2022. The recording of the workshop is found here.

We chose these sub-topics as they are sensitive but important topics when discussing the mental health of Syrians both in Syria and who are refugees. We had a range of excellent speakers and panelsits including Dr Nadim Almoshmosh, Prof Mohamed Abou Saleh, Dr Mohamed Abu Hilal, Dr Alaa El-Khani, Dr Andres Barkil-Oteo, Dr Nidal Sadon, Dr Beshr Alhaj Hussain, Dr Diana Rayes, Dr Abdulkarim Ekzayez and Dr Fouad Fouad. A meeting report which captures the key issues is being compiled and will be shared to support future discussions.